SICORP is recognized as a leading provider of high performance computing solutions, integrated information technology solutions, and professional consulting services for the Federal Government.

High Performance Computing Solutions
SICORP provides professional services and end-to-end high-performance solutions for enterprises, service providers, federal agencies, and high-availability data centers in need of intelligent and cost-effective ways to manage data.

We prize customer intimacy and prioritize product leadership. Using these values, SICORP has built long-term relationships providing customized technical expertise and comprehensive, service-driven solutions to universities, federal laboratories, military installations, and private research institutes for over 25 years.

SICORP solutions utilize the advanced systems architecture and software technology of our wide network of strategic partners to overcome the limitations of existing computer systems and deliver unparalleled scalability, versatility, and ease of use.

We work with the most advanced systems in the world to help our clients solve complex issues in Biosecurity, Genomics, Geophysics, and HPC.

We’ve built or worked on a vast array of projects, including biosecurity and public health, for national safeguards and global security.

25 years of satisfied clients, from research laboratories and municipalities to think tanks, science foundations, universities, and governmental agencies.

SICORP employs a team of professional services consultants specialized in the areas of HPC benchmarking, systems administration, application development, and IT logistics.